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FILM or Pouch quotation?

Our National Film Sales Manager, Neil, is here to help. You can contact him directly at Neil.lodge@uniflex.co.uk. His mobile number is 07713 478301. 

Whether you have an existing brand or you are a new start-up we have an excellent reputation in the industry of taking an initial concept right through to the finished product including help with deign, branding, supply chain management and distribution.

To find out more about what we can offer, Hassan, our Sales and Marketing Executive is here to help. You can contact him directly at hassan.durrani@uniflex.co.uk. His mobile number is 07934 939085. 

Alternatively, please visit our specialised sister website to find out more about the specific film and pouch options we can offer at www.uniflexibles.co.uk
Or stay put on the Uniflex website and watch our video to learn about our contract packing services! 

For general enquiries please call 0116 276992.

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FILM or Pouch quotation?

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