Flexible Materials

Flexible Materials

The print on our own packaging is recognised as being of outstanding quality, and we offer the same high standard to customers who simply want printed film reels with their own designs flawlessly reproduced throughout the entire reel.

Using flexographic and rotogravure printing on mono and laminate film reels, we offer up to 10 colours in high quality print, with in-line lamination and cold sealing also available if needed. 

Our in-house slitting facilities also mean that we can meet your exact specifications, so that the film fits perfectly with your machines – or you can have pre-made bags and pouches, printed or plain, with various options for format and closure. Call us to discuss how we can make your business even better.

To find out more about the variety of film and pouches that we supply, you can have a look at our Film Sales website that goes into more detail on the matter.