Made in the Midlands

Universal Flexible Packaging Ltd. has just teamed up with Made in the Midlands to better cooperate with any businesses within the Midlands who are open to expanding their business whilst also being able to easily find the services that they are in need of. If you're interested in what we provide then you can find out all of the ways you can get in contact with us here, but you can also create a Made in the Midlands account to promote our new upcoming partnership.

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OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label)

OPRL, run by OPRL Ltd, is a scheme that's in place which gives their members the ability to encourage their members' brands to recycle the packaging that they will pick off of store shelves. With the aim to be both consistant and simplistic, being able to have the OPRL label on their members' packaging will provide a simple, obvious, and reliable indicator as to what to do with the packaging once the product has been used to their members' customers, removing the confusion between the different recycling options.

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Universal Flexible Packaging Ltd. has been a member of the BCMPA - the voice of the contract packing and contract manufacturing industry - since 2000. The association plays a major role in promoting outsourcing and is relied on by brand owners around the worls who are looking for professional outsourcing partners.